Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Recording: Jef Barbara

Artist: Jef Barbara

Song: Jef Barbara - Soft To The Touch

Recorded at The Silver Dollar Room ("Silent Shout"), January 17, 2014.

Jef Barbara - Soft To The Touch

Full review to follow. The first time I encountered Montréal's Jef Barbara was intriguing, but, paired as it was with the pomp'n'gravitas of Yamataka//Sonic Titan there was a less sympathetic underlying vibe. But as part of a Silent Shout Saturday night dance party in a packed Silver Dollar, this was something else entirely, with the glammy grooves getting the crowd surging along. Barbara's gonna be back in town this week, joining Light Fires in opening up for JD Samson & Men at The Garrison on Sunday for what should be a spectacularly danceriffic night.

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