Saturday, January 4, 2014

Recording: Build to Suit

Artist: Build to Suit

Song: [excerpt from an improvisation]

Recorded at Array Space ("Somewhere There"), December 29, 2013.

Build to Suit - [excerpt from an improvisation]

Full review to follow. The line between "noise" and "improvisation" is wafer-thin and can sometimes be more or less the same thing pitched to different audiences. This unit, with Alan Bloor (violin), Jim Bailey (electronics/found objects), Bob Vespaziani (wave drum), Arnd Jurgensen (guitar), Matthew Poulakakis (guitar), and Guy Leblanc (trombone/noisemakers) produced a found-sound bricolage that could range from pleasingly abrasive to intriguingly textured with a good group dynamic that kept things sounding like an ensemble more than just six guys who all showed up to play at the same place. My sense is that these guys play gigs mostly in the free improv scene, but this would be right down the alley of a lot of noise/weird heads who don't go to that kind of show.

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