Friday, September 29, 2017

Recording: Wolf Eyes with MV Carbon

Artist: Wolf Eyes with MV Carbon

Songs: Untitled + I Hear Voices Inside My Skin and Hair

Recorded at Yonge-Dundas Square (Intersection – Day 3), September 2, 2017.

Wolf Eyes with MV Carbon - Untitled

Wolf Eyes with MV Carbon - I Hear Voices Inside My Skin and Hair

In recent years, the Intersection Festival would normally consist of a paid concert, usually the night before the day-long extravaganza in Yonge-Dundas Square. This year, however, under the continued guidance of Burn Down The Capital's Tad Michalak the festival expanded to four events, including a pair of concerts at The Jam Factory. The day-long marathon in the concrete canyon of commerce remains at the festival's heart, though, exploring the frissons of experiencing strange and occasionally abrasive sounds competing with the city's mersh heartbeat.

Under ordinary circumstances, this longstanding Detroit experimental/noise duo might be an odd choice to headline Yonge-Dundas Square; at Intersection, it felt like a perfectly reasonable way to end the day. Besides attracting a crowd of folks making the trip to the Square to see this, with Nate Young's vocals being bent and reverbed to sound like the second half of a conversation with himself, it also seemed like an apt nod to the Square's denizens, some of whom looked to be familiar with the concept of hearing voices inside their skin and hair. The paranoid Suicide party vibes were enhanced by cellist MV Carbon, who was performing with the group for the first time, even if she made it sound like she was an organic and integral part of their sound.

[You can see some footage from this set over at Brandon Caswell Douglas' Intersection playlist.]

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