Saturday, September 9, 2017

Recording: Fraser-Qu-Fournier

Artist: Nick Fraser/Bryan Qu/Alex Fournier

Song: Jupiter [composer: Nick Fraser]

Recorded at The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), August 16, 2016.

Nick Fraser/Bryan Qu/Alex Fournier - Jupiter

Nick Fraser on this night presented a trio where he was joined by Alex Fournier on double bass and Bryan Qu on sax. I know the former mostly from his work with Money House, while I had encountered the latter last summer when he was assembling a series of big-band-free-form freakouts. That meant I hadn't really seen him playing structured tunes before, so I was as blown away as many others in the room with the way he took hold of Fraser's pieces and bit deeply into them. Currently somewhat itinerant, hopefully Qu will end up back in his old hometown for a longer spell further down the road.

[As usual, Nick Fraser can be found playing everywhere, but more specifically he'll be playing with the Lina Allemano Four tomorrow night (September 10th) at The Tranzac, as well as hosting his monthly Nick Fraser Presents night on Tuesday the 26th.]

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