Friday, September 1, 2017

Recording: HUT

Artist: HUT

Songs: Groans + Old Lady

Recorded at Home Baking Co., July 27, 2017.

HUT - Groans

HUT - Old Lady

An amusing l'il reunion to add some joyful chaos to this night — geez, has it really been five years or so since HUT were a fixture at shows like this? Given that a certain about of sloppy velocity is hardwired into the band's DNA, this had the same spirit as those hazily-remembered shows of days gone by. In fact, there were even some signs of professionalism for those looking — Jonathan Pappo (of Whimm and Hooded Fang) was the ringer behind the kit (subbing for classic-era percussionist Daniel Moon King) and seemed eager to hold things together while frontman Daniel Lee reeled off the songs for the first time (at least in my memory) without having his trusty notepad at hand. Gaining strength and momentum as the set went along, this set felt like a random happy encounter with an old friend.

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