Saturday, September 2, 2017

Recording: Cosmic Homeostasis

Artist: Cosmic Homeostasis

Songs: A Tender Kiss on the Cheek for Everyone [excerpt] + Eleven Sun Cats [excerpt]

Recorded at The Tranzac's Southern Cross Lounge (Cosmic Homeostasis IV), July 30, 2017.

Cosmic Homeostasis - A Tender Kiss on the Cheek for Everyone [excerpt]

Cosmic Homeostasis - Eleven Sun Cats [excerpt]

Another fifth-Sunday-of-the-month came around with a robust turnout from eager homeostasisists — eleven in all, this time round. There was a rather peasant mix of electronic drift-tools with acoustic elements, including Laura Swankey's vocalizations, Nilan Perera's prepared guitar and the mind-meld saxophones of Kayla Milmine and Paul Newman (which just might be the secret sauce that really makes the whole thing). The crew this time was:

  • Kayla Milmine - soprano saxophone
  • Paul Newman - alto saxophone
  • Ted Phillips - radio, phone
  • Nilan Perera - electric guitar
  • Rob Cruickshank - electronics
  • Chris Trotter - electronics
  • Abigail Trotsky - electronics
  • Del Stephen - keyb, piano, namer-of-things
  • Laura Swankey - voice, electronics
  • Joe Strutt - electronics, 4-track recorder, tactical memo
  • Ronnie Blake - electronics

If you'd like a bigger dose than these samples, the whole session is also posted as an album over at Bandcamp:

[Cosmic Homeostasis will return on the next fifth-Sunday-of-the-month, which just happens to be October 29th, 2017.]

[photo by Megumi Morisawa]

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