Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Recording: Colin Fisher & Jonathan Adjemian

Artist: Colin Fisher & Jonathan Adjemian

Songs: [excerpt from first section] + [final section]

Recorded at Café Pamenar, August 24, 2017.

Colin Fisher & Jonathan Adjemian - [excerpt from first section]

Colin Fisher & Jonathan Adjemian - [final section]

Colin Fisher spent one part of his summer hosting intimate shows on the beautiful back patio of this Kensington spot, mixing together appearances from his host of ongoing projects with other excursions. Although this pair have shared stages innumerable times in different units, and have jammed together, after conferring back and forth they averred that this was their first formal duo appearance.

Adjemian was on his trusty Korg, while Fisher had brought his regular and microtonal guitars, as well as his sopranino sax, a more recent acquisition. That latter instrument (which can be a bit more difficult to play with as much poise and gravitas as a larger horn with more heft) created some crazy tones when guided through the pedal chain. Adjemian seemed more interested steering toward a more measured pace, and though there were some phat chirps and rubbery ping-sproings, some of the best moments came when Fisher throttled back to drift a little with him.

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