Monday, September 4, 2017

Concert Listings Roundup #215

You can read more about why I'm doing listings here. Long story short: This curated and decidedly non-comprehensive list contains nothin' but shows that I am going to/would go to if I had more time.

Gigs of the week:

Bunny [Memory Curator album release celebration!] (Sandro Perri) / The Tranzac (Main Hall) 2017-09-08 (Friday) [FB event]

Burn Down The Capital presents (feat. Chris Corsano / Friends & Neighbors / Retired) / D.D.L. 2017-09-08 (Friday – all ages!) [FB event]

What sort of mood do you think you'll be in come Friday? One of these gigs will surely suit some point on your emotional spectrum. On the mellow-to-ebullient side of things, Bunny launches their excellent Memory Curator album at The Tranzac. Pop perfection from The Bicycles' Drew Smith, growing out of its earlier incarnation as Dr. Ew (whose 2010 Gadzooks in an underappreciated gem), with a side-order of Sandro Perri to warm things up.

Meanwhile, if your blood is a little more frenzied, you'll want to catch master out-jazz percussionist Chris Corsano at a Burn Down the Capital showcase that also features Norwegian avant jazz crew Friends & Neighbors paying tribute to Ornette Coleman as well as local jazz-punk faves Retired.

This week's noteworthy shows:

Intersection Day 4: Plant Music (feat. Castle If / Nick Storring / JFM / Laura Swankey) / Allan Gardens 2017-09-04 (Monday – free! all ages! afternoon event!) [FB event]

Track Could Bend #30 (feat. MAMALIA / Tova Kardonne / Christopher Willes) / The Steady Café 2017-09-05 (Tuesday – PWYC!) [FB event]

LAL (Jonny Goood & The Triple O's / Dammien Alexander) / The Painted Lady 2017-09-05 (Tuesday) [FB event]

Troubleshooting (feat. Nicolas Buligan) / The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2017-09-06 (Wednesday – early!) [FB event]

Cindy Wilson [of The B-52s] (Century Palm / Bossie) / Lee's Palace 2017-09-06 (Wednesday) [FB event]

Julie & The Wrong Guys (Casper Skulls) / The Horseshoe Tavern 2017-09-07 (Thursday) [FB event]

John Millard (Tim Posgate & Andrew Downing) / Burdock Music Hall 2017-09-07 (Thursday) [FB event]

Pleasence Records presents (feat. Woolworm / WLMRT / Moon Eyed) / Monarch Tavern 2017-09-07 (Thursday) [FB event]

In Between Sounds #77 (feat. Lorde Awesome) / The Only Café 2017-09-07 (Thursday – free!) [FB event]

Partner [LP release!] (NOBRO / Sportsfan / Triples) / The Horseshoe Tavern 2017-09-08 (Friday) [FB event]

Couch Slut (Show of Bedlam / IRN / Brigitte Bardon't / Noose Talk) / Coalition: T.O. 2017-09-09 (Saturday) [FB event]

Camp Girls (Kurt Marble / Beige) / Smiling Buddha 2017-09-09 (Saturday) [FB event]

Audiopollination #54.2 (feat. Michael Lynn/Michelangelo Iaffaldano/UsK / Alex Fournier/Ashley Urquhart/Arnd Jurgensen / io media [Neil Wiernik/Michael Trommer/Rob Cruickshank/Dafydd Hughes] / Brian Abbott/Michael Keith/Nilan Perera/Araz Salek) / Array Space 2017-09-09 (Saturday) [FB event]

8th Annual Toronto Bicycle Music Festival (feat. Blokoloko / Rambunctious / Ansley Simpson / Bernice / Ventanas / Hooded Fang) / Trinity Bellwoods Park to Humber Bay Park West 2017-09-10 (Sunday – free! all-ages + family-friendly! daytime event! group ride to + from the performances!) [FB event]

Sacred Lamp Sunday Residency (feat. Ayal Senior [solo] / Paper Plains) / The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2017-09-10 (Sunday – afternoon show @ 3 p.m.!) [FB event]

Lina Allemano Four / The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2017-09-10 (Sunday) [FB event]

Somewhere There's Second Sunday Series (feat. Victoria Gibson) / Array Space 2017-09-10 (Sunday)

Add these to your calendar:

Reminder: This post only contains this week's updates — the full listings can always be found over on the right-hand sidebar!

Lunchtime Live! (feat. DATU) / Yonge-Dundas Square 2017-09-11 (Monday – free! all-ages! lunchtime concert @ 12:30 p.m.!) [more info]

Riverrun / The Emmet Ray 2017-09-11 (Monday – PWYC!) [FB event]

Galaa (Blunt Chunks / Rapport) / Burdock Music Hall 2017-09-13 (Wednesday) [FB event]

Kensington Market Jazz Festival (feat. Heavyweights Brass Band w/ Jay Douglas) / Trinity Common 2017-09-15 (Friday) [FB event]

Kensington Jazz festival (feat. Diane Roblin [solo]) / Tom's Place 2017-09-16 (Saturday – free! afternoon show @ 1 p.m.!) [FB event]

Faster Presents (feat. Coin Operated Duo [Michael Lynn/Ryan Kinney] / cheryl o/Meghan Cheng / cheryl o/Brian Abbott/Kayla Milmine) / Gerrard Art Space 2017-09-16 (Saturday – PWYC!) [FB event]

Yi (Jo Marches / Bobbypin) / Smiling Buddha 2017-09-18 (Monday) [FB event]

TIME (Dirty Inputs / Sea Beau / Hexzuul) / Double Double Land 2017-09-27 (Wednesday) [FB event]

Drab Majesty (Kontravoid / Sahara) / The Baby G 2017-09-27 (Wednesday) [FB event]

Dohn Valley (DBPS / Protruders) / EURO Sports BAR 2017-09-29 (Friday – music plus stand-up comedy sets!) [FB event]

Audio Bleed (feat. Bit Reduction / Faderbank / Cult Eyes) / Belljar Café 2017-09-30 (Saturday – PWYC!) [FB event]

Dorothea Paas (Jay Arner / Lazy Bear / The Crybabies) / Handlebar 2017-09-30 (Saturday) [FB event]

KASHKA [album release!] (Merival) / CineCycle 2017-09-30 (Saturday – all ages!) [FB event]

Francophonie en Fête: La Nuit Africaine (feat. Tifane / Okavango African Orchestra / Élage Diouf) / Randolph Theatre 2017-09-30 (Saturday – all ages!) [more info]

Psychedelic Furs (Bash & Pop) / Danforth Music Hall 2017-10-16 (Monday) [FB event]

U.S. Girls / The Tranzac (Main Hall) 2017-10-27–2017-10-28 (Friday + Saturday) [FB event]

Omni (The Sulks / Don't Bother) / Smiling Buddha 2017-11-09 (Thursday) [FB event]

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