Thursday, September 21, 2017

Recording: Heraclitus Akimbo

Artist: Heraclitus Akimbo

Song: 222 Hz [edited excerpt]

Recorded at 940 Variety (Quiet Bedrooms Launch Show), August 27, 2017.

Heraclitus Akimbo - 222 Hz [edited excerpt]

Quiet Bedrooms is a cassette label/live series founded by busy videographer/archivist Brandon Caswell Douglas, formally launching with this ambitions inside/outside east-end show. Sadly, I missed the park segment while I was setting up for this, but I enjoyed the low-key vibes at this space.

This set was an attempt to see what I could wring out of a fairly limited set of inputs — just a single tone from my trusty function generator, plus some spring reverb rustles for texture. Presenting this for other people, there's always a certain temptation to "do more" — to add more sounds, to keep things moving — but I felt fairly satisfied with the amount of staying-in-place I mustered here.

[Quiet Bedrooms will be presenting an afternoon show at the Dupe Shop on Saturday, October 1st with Allison Cameron, Sea Beau, and Happy Baby.]

[photo by 940 Variety]

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