Friday, January 20, 2017

Recording: Teenanger

Artist: Teenanger

Song: Emoji Kush

Recorded at The Baby G (Telephone Explosion presents: Xmas Food Drive), December 30, 2016.

Teenanger - Emoji Kush

As is usually the case, the otherwise-quiet gap in between xmas and New Years Eve was filled in with a slew of worthy shows for good causes, including this two-night food drive at The Baby G. This second night was hosted by Telephone Explosion, with Teenanger closing out the night with a set packed full of new tunes from a just-completed forthcoming album. For a while now, the band's increasing ambition on their increasingly new wave studio efforts has been somewhat at odds with their bare-bones stage show, so it's interesting to see the latter catching up a bit — through little flourishes as giving frontman Chris Swimmings a sampler to add in some handclap sounds, and increased space for bassist Melissa Ball's backing vox.

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