Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Recording: Clara Engel & Neil Wiernik

Artist: Clara Engel & Neil Wiernik

Song: [excerpt]

Recorded at Dundas Video (Track Could Bend #22), January 3, 2017.

Clara Engel & Neil Wiernik - [excerpt]

Singer-songwriter Clara Engel and sound manipulationist Neil Wiernik had crossed paths previously at Audiopollination, so there was a certain degree of trust in this musical process that saw Engel plugging her guitar into Wiernik's laptop to allow him to manipulate and live-process her playing. He also provided live visual mixing to accompany the sounds' mellow drift. Very nicely executed throughout, this is a nice perpendicular path to Engel's songcraft and a direction that will hopefully be explored further.

[Track Could Bend returns once more to Dundas Video on February 7th, with sets from Bachelard, Upanishads and organballoon.]

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