Friday, January 13, 2017

Recording: Parkins/Allemano/Liu/Doell

Artist: Andrea Parkins/Lina Allemano/Germaine Liu/Jason Doell

Song: Obj-jest, the Jettisoned [excerpt]

Recorded at The Music Gallery (Departures Series), December 20, 2016.

Parkins/Allemano/Liu/Doell - Obj-jest, the Jettisoned [excerpt]

This year-closing entry in the Music Gallery's offsite Departures series returned to St. George the Martyr, taking advantage of the room's acoustics to situate this show "in the round" with the performers radiating music outward from the centre. Presented in a live quadraphonic mix, this set presented a new, player-specific piece created as a result of an intense rehearsal process leading up to the show. It gave the sense that electroacoustician Parkins (whose workspace included an accordion, laptop, electronics, packing tape, etc.) was to some extent deploying the local musicians as further instruments in her composition, mixing in Lina Allemano's trumpet, Germaine Liu's percussion and Jason Doell's guitar'n'stuff in her immersive bricolage.

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