Friday, January 13, 2017

Recording: Joyfultalk

Artist: Joyfultalk

Song: Mill Stones*

Recorded at The Music Gallery (Departures Series), December 20, 2016.

Joyfultalk - Mill Stones

This year-closing entry in the Music Gallery's offsite Departures series returned to St. George the Martyr, taking advantage of the room's acoustics to situate this show "in the round" with the performers radiating music outward from the centre. Bringing the strongest taste of curator Tad Michalak's sensibility, Nova Scotian Jay Crocker's electronic duo was the most "pop" of the night's three sets — possibly something of an inversion of their presentation at standard rock shows, where they are often the "experimental" outliers. Still exploring ways to approach live electronic music with creativity, this set mixed shimmery textures with more propulsive sections, slowly evolving (at least to my ears) from a mad scientist gear lab to a different sort of glitchy sound purveyor.

* Thanks to Kyle for passing along the title to this one!

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