Friday, January 6, 2017

Recording: Simply Saucer

Artist: Simply Saucer

Songs: Bullet Proof Nothing [acoustic] + Alien Cornfield [acoustic]

Recorded at Monarch Tavern (Heavy Metalloid Music Book Launch), December 11, 2016.

Simply Saucer - Bullet Proof Nothing [acoustic]

Simply Saucer - Alien Cornfield [acoustic]

This Sunday afternoon event was a release celebration for Heavy Metalloid Music, Jesse Locke's definitive biography of underground Hamilton legends Simply Saucer. (And a very tasty read that you should get your hands on!) The first part of the event saw Locke and Saucer frontman Edgar Breau chatting on stage with author Sam Sutherland. The musical set after that had been listed as a solo turn from Breau, but it turned out to be a more elaborate mini-Saucer, with Breau (on acoustic guitar) joined by Kevin Christoff (bass) and Colina Phillips (backing vox, percussion, synth). Not just living in the past, Breau had talked on stage about a couple different upcoming Saucer projects, including a space-themed side-long concept half-album from which the latter song here is drawn.

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