Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Recording: Kith & Kin

Artist: Kith & Kin

Songs: Dives and Lazarus [traditional] + Alilo [traditional]

Recorded at The Music Gallery, December 17, 2016.

Kith & Kin - Dives and Lazarus

Kith & Kin - Alilo

Once again, Kith & Kin's Holiday Wassail brought glowing joy to the darkest time of year, raising voices up to celebrate the solstice and winter's return. Both of these are nominally "holiday" tunes, but unlike the ones we're inured to by sheer repetition, these feel like a ray of light even after the holiday's passing. "Dives and Lazarus", reflecting on the fate of a heartless rich man, was presented by Kathleen McDonnell as a piece of wholly topical content while the glorious Georgian hymn "Alilo" called on the larger "friends" ensemble to let the music ascend gloriously to the Music Gallery's rafters.

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