Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Recording: HanHan

Artist: HanHan

Song: Tawa

Recorded at The Gladstone Hotel's Ballroom (Long Winter 5.2), January 6, 2017.

HanHan - Tawa

Based on her show-stopping work in DATU's High Blood at last year's SummerWorks, I was definitely looking forward to HanHan's solo set at Long Winter — and indeed it was pretty much the highlight of the event. Bringing a posse of HATAW dancers, the group took up space in the best way, eschewing the stage to take over the floor, performing with the crowd forming a rough semicircle around them. Although the exact messages of Hanhan's empowerment raps might be lost in performance to an English-speaking audience, her point is entirely conveyed by her confidence. [The lyrics are also translated over on her bandcamp.]

[You can also see some video using my audio over on Brandon Caswell Douglas' playlist from the night.]

[HanHan will be playing the Wavelength Music Festival on Silent Shout's co-presented Sunday night groove extravaganza, February 19th at The Garrison. Long Winter continues this Saturday (February 4th) with the action moving to The Theatre Centre, featuring music by Devon Welsh, Off World, Saidah Conrad, Germaphobes, L CON, Ivy Mairi, FIN, Young Clancy, Roberto and Vibrant Matter.]

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