Thursday, November 10, 2016

Recording: The Woodshed Orchestra & friends

Artist: The Woodshed Orchestra & friends

Songs: Penny and Mousie's Antidotal Lullaby + You Ain't Gonna Know Me ('Cause You Think You Know Me) [composer: Mongezi Feza]

Recorded at The Tranzac's Main Hall (Tribute to the Life of Ken Aldcroft), October 7, 2016.

The Woodshed Orchestra & friends - Penny and Mousie's Antidotal Lullaby

The Woodshed Orchestra & friends - You Ain't Gonna Know Me ('Cause You Think You Know Me)

Taken shockingly suddenly and entirely too soon, Ken Aldcroft's passing left a heavy mark on many groups: family, friends, neighbours, students as well as musical collaborators and appreciators. All of these were gathered together to share their sorrow and find some joy through fellowship and music in an evening of remembrances and sounds at The Tranzac, where Aldcroft had played so often. The night closed out with these two big hugs under the directorship of Dave Clark. First his lullaby was presented as a giant sing-along, a chance to raise voices together with its cathartic sendoff: "Bye bye! So long! Wherever you are / you'll be loved from afar / so good night". Then it was all-instruments-on-deck with sixteen (or maybe more, as I lost count) on stage for the night's final soul-blast, playing one of those songs that once heard sticks in your head like a melody you've been humming your whole life — and also a remembrance of another musician who was lost too young. As dark as it may feel, the atoms never stop moving and the sounds never stop vibrating.

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