Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Recording: CHOBO with strings

Artist: CHOBO with strings

Song: [first section]

Recorded at Dundas Video (Track Could Bend #19), October 4, 2016.

CHOBO with strings - [first section]

When I saw Jessica Cho and Benjamin Boles performing their live techno highwire act CHOBO back in August, I asked what kinds of non-electronic sounds they'd want to try to incorporate into their mix. Cho immediately said strings, so when I asked them to come out to TCB, I called on cellist Cory Latkovich to join forces with them. Unintentionally soundtracking Run Lola Run, which was on the screen beside the stage, there was a definite sense of propulsion in what they came up with, even if Latkovich's own adventures in transportation left him with only three strings.

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