Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Recording: Sicke

Artist: Sicke

Song: Chopping Wood

Recorded at Ratio (Off World LP 1 Release Weekend – Night 2), October 22, 2016.

Sicke - Chopping Wood

Off World celebrated the release of their first album with three nights of sonic exploration at Ratio. I managed to make the latter two, and I was especially eager to be at the Saturday night show for the opening sets. This was the live debut for this new project from Joseph Shabason, whose sax was being run through scads of effects (some of which gave his playing a sort of EWI feel). He was backed by an all-star grouping including Thom Gill (keyb), Mike Smith (moog + bass), Dan Fortin (bass) and Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet). More zones of liquid drift than "songs", the pieces often still retained the names of the percussion patches they were originally based on for titles. With the new DIANA album just out, this will probably be bouncing around in the background for the next while, but hopefully this will be coming to a hammock district near you soon.

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