Sunday, November 20, 2016

Recording: Abbott-Clark-Phillips-Doell

Artist: Brian Abbott/Zach Clark/Ted Phillips/Jason Doell

Songs: [two excerpts]

Recorded at Gerrard Art Space (Faster Presents: Odd Electronics), October 21, 2016.

Abbott-Clark-Phillips-Doell - [excerpt 1]

Abbott-Clark-Phillips-Doell - [excerpt 2]

The title of this low-key evening put together by the Faster crew summed things up pretty well. The night closed with all of the show's participants joining together in a group electroacoustic improvisation, mixing radiophonic found-sound drift and a variety of drones.

[Faster will be hosting their 6th or 7th Annual Christmas Show at Gerrard Art Space on Friday, December 9th.]

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