Sunday, November 13, 2016

Recording: Egyptrixx

Artist: Egyptrixx

Song: [last section of set]

Recorded at The Music Gallery (X Avant XI – Night 1), October 13, 2016.

Egyptrixx - [last section of set]

Interestingly, I have seen David Psutka performing a fair number of times, but it has always been in his capacity as a sideman in Anamai or his more beat-driven side project Ceramic TL than in his main creative guise as Egyptrixx. This live set showed a certain dedication to extremes — not only in how the darkness was punctuated by occasional bursts of strobelights, but also in the sonics, which brought some rather intense volume, shaking the Music Gallery's church walls a little. But for all their electronic propulsion, the things I perhaps enjoyed the most about this was how it was at a remove from thudding repetitive beats — where there were percussive bursts they felt more like a machinegun assault on the senses than something that'd settle into a groove. The sense of displacement that the music created was accentuated by Anamai's Anna Mayberry, here soloing in her Open Fortress mode, adding a slow-motion dance that gradually gravitated toward the stage like a bug being crookedly drawn to a lightbulb. As a recording, this renders the music a bit more "comfortable" than in felt in its aggressively-loud original state, so for best results, turn your volume knob all the way up to "pummel".

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