Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Recording: See Through 5

Artist: See Through 5

Song: Piecing Together That Dream

Recorded at The Tranzac's Main Hall (All-Set! Autumn Release Show), October 28, 2016.

See Through 5 - Piecing Together That Dream

This second release spectacular from All-Set! Editions added three new albums to their catalogue, and all three of the recombinant groupings played to celebrate. Margins, the new album from Pete Johnston's malleable chamber-prog ensemble, is cut from the same cloth (and was recorded, so far as I can tell, at the same sessions) as least year's Utilities. That means listeners can expect further tuneful explorations with plenty of counterpoint and zigzag diversions. (All-Set! has also released Johnston's See Through Two album of bass duets with Rob Clutton with a bit less fanfare. Both albums are available on a name-your price basis over on bandcamp.)

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