Thursday, March 31, 2016

Recording: Triage

Artist: Triage

Songs: three unknown songs*

Recorded at The Great Hall's Black Box (Long Winter 4.5 – Night 2), March 18, 2016.

Triage - three unknown songs

You can't fault Long Winter for being ambitious and for wanting to close out the season by cramming in as much music and art into the Great Hall as possible, but their plan to close the year out with a two-night stand didn't entirely pay off. Giving patrons the choice of two nights (and holding them at the end of Spring Break) seemed to especially cut into the younger crowd and both nights (especially Friday) lacked that "about to burst" feeling that makes LW unique. But even if the crowd was at less than maximum strength, there was no certainly no lack of music spread throughout the building.

"Thanks for comin' to this weird room full of cops to see us." No matter how elaborate things get, Long Winter always keeps itself grounded by keeping the door open to the truth-talkin' troupes from the punk scene. This quartet — whose vocalist was more at home on the floor in front of the stage than on it — has some invigourating metal shred in their hardcore blasts. In one of my favourite moments showing off the night's crossover appeal, a couple members of the night's wandering chamber string group, violins in hand, were headbanging along to this with the rest of the crowd.

* Does anyone know the titles to these? I think the middle one is "Power Beat" from the band's demo tape, but please leave a comment if you know 'em for sure!

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