Friday, March 18, 2016

Recording: See Through 5

Artist: See Through 5

Song: We Have Both Been Dissected

Recorded at Array Space (All-Set! Triple Album Launch), March 5, 2016.

See Through 5 - We Have Both Been Dissected

This show served as the launch party for All-Set! Editions and its first three releases. Masterminded by Mike Smith, these first three albums all included his beautifully-designed packaging — and all three also revolved around players from the overlapping Muskox/Aurochs axis. Utilities is the first recording from the expanded version of bassist Pete Johnston's See Through Trio, which has been exploring his compositions in a shifting variety of ensembles. The constant musical foil is pianist Tania Gill, joined frequently by saxophonist Karen Ng — and in this incarnation filled out by Johnston's Aurochs bandmates Jake Oelrichs (percussion) and Mike Smith (synth). The quintet adds some meat to the occasionally off-kilter compositions, pushing things into a more "band"-like chamber-prog zone. All the pieces (save for closing ballad "More Faults Than California") were presented for this show, and are excellently realized on the album.

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