Thursday, March 3, 2016

Recording: Partner

Artist: Partner

Songs: Hot Knives + Creature in the Sun

Recorded at The Garrison (Wavelength Music Festival 16 – Night 2), February 13, 2016.

Partner - Hot Knives

Partner - Creature in the Sun

Wavelength's sixteenth anniversary festival was a little less adventurous than last year's sesquidecade spectacular. For the first time in recent memory, the festival settled into one home base for three nights (along with one daytime excursion off-site) and the programming eschewed retrospective turns for a future-focused weekend, daring audiences to invest in the musical here-and-now. The festival's middle night saw the most rock action and the biggest crowd, packed in on a cold night to get sweaty. After their afternoon acoustic set, Lucy Niles and Josée Caron were rejoined by their rhythm section to rock out in convincing style. Mixing Green Day-ish punk with Weezer-ish popcraft (and a bit of Team Dresch's desire-dramas) this was an enormously fun ride. Except for a slight overindulgence with an unnecessary vocal effect, this was pretty much spot-on and one of the highlights of the festival.

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