Friday, March 18, 2016

Recording: Ali Berkok

Artist: Ali Berkok

Songs: All-Set! + Prerhythmia/Arrhythmia

Recorded at Array Space (All-Set! Triple Album Launch), March 5, 2016.

Ali Berkok - All-Set!

Ali Berkok - Prerhythmia/Arrhythmia

This show served as the launch party for All-Set! Editions and its first three releases. Masterminded by Mike Smith, these first three albums all included his beautifully-designed packaging — and all three also revolved around players from the overlapping Muskox/Aurochs axis. Aurochs mainman Ali Berkok started the evening with a set of solo piano, as explored on his Never Get Lost For Long album. He lead off with this aptly-named improvisation, and contrasted that spontaneity with some of the album's composed pieces, such as the intellectually-considered series of exclamation points in the second piece's rhythmic variations.

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