Thursday, March 17, 2016

Recording: Jeff Roberts + Chelsea Shanoff

Artist: Jeff Roberts + Chelsea Shanoff

Song: Twelve Landscape Views III [composer: Jeff Roberts]

Recorded at the Canadian Music Centre, March 4, 2016.

Jeff Roberts + Chelsea Shanoff - Twelve Landscape Views III

In a couple shows over a weekend in Toronto, Edmonton-based player/composer Jeff Roberts showed a deep interest in musical mixings: in extending the sounds of the ancient guqin (his current instrument of choice as a player) with motion-sensitive MIDI controllers, as well as in mixing its distinct tonalities with western instruments. This piece, performed with saxophonist Chelsea Shanoff, sees some of both as it creates a bridge between Song Dynasty painter Xia Gui's titular painting with Henry David Thoreau's ecological transcendentalism. This show at the CMC would also encompass solo guqin works (both traditional and technologically-enhanced) as well as a new piece for Shanoff and cellist Nadia Klein (a.k.a. CelloPhone) incorporating Roberts' interest in Korean shamanistic ritual music.

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