Thursday, September 6, 2018

Recording: Sound of the Mountain & Bim Prongs

Artist: Sound of the Mountain & Bim Prongs

Song: [excerpt]

Recorded at The Tranzac's Southern Cross Lounge (H.W.G. Showcase), July 14, 2018.

Sound of the Mountain & Bim Prongs - [excerpt]

There was a hint of sadness to this night as it was the only surviving vestige of the planned second instalment of the Eclec~Tic~Toc Fest, which was brought low by some of the perennial problems with finding suitable spaces for DIY events in this city. That was far outweighed, however, by a chance to catch up with the now-expatriated force of nature known as {AN} EeL, joyfully mashing musicians together just as he does on some his mail-art-styled recording projects.

Previously more purely focused on their practice of generating electroacoustic sounds from close-mic'd clarinet and trumpet, after spending some time in Japan and beyond Elizabeth Millar and Craig Pedersen are now mixing in an electronics kit's worth of wires and alligator clips. That added in a whole new layer of macro-focus drama, like observing the dancing of a tiny chain tossed around by a speaker magnet's invisible field, adding small currents of electronic uncertainty below the breath-sounds. All of that was an excellent match for William Davison's tape warbles and small-scale electronic manipulations and the trio found a shared space that felt like an invocation of the ghosts of broken and half-disassembled small household appliances.

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