Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Recording: The American Devices

Artist: The American Devices

Songs: Got The Feeling It's + Meaning of Life

Recorded at Owl's Club (basement), July 20, 2018.

The American Devices - Got The Feeling It's

The American Devices - Meaning of Life

Perhaps not unlike Hamilton's Simply Saucer, this longstanding Montréal band navigated their own sonic emergence from first-wave punk in relative isolation and obscurity, allowing them a sort of parallel evolution. Like fish or frogs found in secluded caverns, there are familiar hallmarks here — hints of Mission of Burma's muscularity crossbred with an upfront keyboard sound — but arranged into something unique. Still doing their own thing (and working on new audiovisual projects), the quintet manage to not sound trapped in history — or at least their sounds fit just fine into the fabric of this modern era.

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