Friday, September 14, 2018

Recording: James Bailey & Kayla Milmine

Artist: James Bailey & Kayla Milmine

Songs: [two excerpts from an improvisation]

Recorded at Gerrard Art Space (Faster Presents: Summer Sound Explorations), July 21, 2018.

James Bailey & Kayla Milmine - [first section]

James Bailey & Kayla Milmine - [second section]

On this FASTER-curated night of electronic and acoustic sounds, both halves of the duo split off to perform with separate sparring partners. To lead things off Kayla Milmine (on soprano sax) was joined by James Bailey, who was armed with a bench full of percussive bricabrac (roto-tom frames, computer parts, serving tray, wire brushes, bread saw, etc.).

[FASTER is presenting another excellent night of creative sounds at Gerrard Art Space tomorrow night (September 15th) with visiting improvisers Carl Ludwig Hübsch/Pierre-Yves Martel/Philip Zoubek as well as the ever-quieter Montréal/Toronto force of MagicEyeImage.]

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