Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Recording: Someflowers of Hell

Artist: Someflowers of Hell

Song: Improvisation in A [first section]

Recorded at Dundas Video ("Track Could Bend #3"), June 2, 2015.

Someflowers of Hell - Improvisation in A [first section]

Listening to this fabulous krautrockish improvisation, one could hardly guess that it came from a unit beset with gear trouble. Rallying to play with the sounds they could salvage, this ad hoc ensemble of members and friends of Flowers of Hell seized the moment and turned in a very tasty performance, pushed to the next level by Mike Duffield's driving drums. Ian McPhedran (once of Ostrich Tuning; now of Bodies That Matter) was a steadying influence on drone guitar while Ben Sirois, whole violin was on the fritz, contributed by generating and processing feedback loops through his pedals while guest Avery Strok (of Lorde Awesome) added synth and theremin textures.

[Track Could Bend will return to Dundas Video on July 7th — more details coming soon!]

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