Friday, June 5, 2015

Recording: Man Made Hill

Artist: Man Made Hill

Songs: Allergic To Spikes + Gold [John Stewart cover]

Recorded at Artscape Gibraltar Point ("EXVEE"), May 30, 2015.

Man Made Hill - Allergic To Spikes

Man Made Hill - Gold

Celebrating fifteen years as a retreat and incubator for the arts, Artscape Gibraltar Point decided to throw itself a big party, a day of music and secular blessings. Rain early on kept the crowds away somewhat, but it turned into a fairly pleasant day, with music in the backyard tent going ahead from late afternoon to late at night, when 88 Days of Fortune provided the vibes.

Randy Gagne took to the stage with his power glove and dance moves, sharing a particular personal vulnerability, asking for the audience to look inside themselves to find the Kevin within, and closed out with a localised version of this FM classic. Can someone get Stevie Nicks up here, stat, to provide backing vocals for the single?

[Man Made Hill will be performing tomorrow (Saturday, June 6th) as part of Jay Holy's LP release party at Smiling Buddha. He'll also be playing at the Buddha on Thursday, June 18th as part of Wavelength's Pleasence Records showcase.]

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