Friday, June 26, 2015

Recording: M. Mucci

Artist: M. Mucci

Song: unknown [edit]*

Recorded at Geary Lane ("Sound Séance I": Day 1), June 13, 2015.

M. Mucci - unknown [edit]

The culmination of Geary Lane's year-long journey, the inaugural version of this event overcame some bureaucratic hurdles to present a weekend-long showcase of a non-corporate alternative to the city's increasingly-crowded festival calendar. Tucked away in its little pocket on the other side of the tracks, Geary Lane does feel a little off the grid but works well as an conceptual island getaway for sonic adventurers. Celebrating the release of Invocation Vol. I, a compilation of exclusive tracks by some of the artists that had performed at Geary Lane in its first year, this low-key afternoon show combined chill patio vibes with a couple sets inside.

Guelph's Michael Mucci led off the afternoon with a mellow set of atmospheric solo guitar under the blue sky. Running into some trouble with his pedals, he stripped his sound back but with birdsongs drifting by on the gentle breeze, it felt like just enough to complement the afternoon. [Do note that this is a slightly rough field recording, with the sounds of that breeze rumbling against my microphones a little.]

* Does anyone know the title to this one? Please leave a comment!

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