Saturday, June 13, 2015

Recording: Mexican Slang

Artist: Mexican Slang

Song: Eating Fettuccine With Steve Albini

Recorded at Lakeview Stage ("Dundas West Fest"), June 6, 2015.

Mexican Slang - Eating Fettuccine With Steve Albini

For the second year running, The Garrison showed its community spirit, programming a day's worth of live music in the parking lot across the street from them. With a zero per cent chance of rain and the sun in that not-too-hot-not-too-cool zone, it was a pretty perfect day to stand in the street and take in some music. Top-notch sound kept heads turning throughout the day, and there was enough variety to appeal to various segments of the passers-by.

Slightly goofy title or no, this older tune still cuts pretty fiercely on stage. The band's sets are slowly stretching out — if not quite at the half-hour mark yet — and they managed to cast a strange sort of energy over Dundas Street, getting more of the passing grandmothers and winos to nod their heads and shimmy than any of the day's previous acts.

[Mexican Slang will be playing The Silver Dollar Room alongside No Joy, beliefs and Dirty Frigs on Saturday, June 20th.]

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