Saturday, June 6, 2015

Recording: Merganzer

Artist: Merganzer

Song: Mirror Maze

Recorded at Holy Oak Café, June 1, 2015.

Merganzer - Mirror Maze

Now an Ottawa resident, Mika Posen was well-known in these parts as a member of Forest City Lovers and Timber Timbre, as well as ad hoc supporting roles with plenty of other friends. She started stretching out to show off her own songwriting talents a couple years back as The Meek, which has now evolved into this ducky project. The songs are performed on the "mikatron", a keyboard using custom-crafted samples from her own violin, giving the music a warm, soft-edged feel. Most of the set was performed with Ryan Carley helping out, and Posen would subsequently return the favour in Carley's set. Until a promised full-length reaches us in the fall, you can investigate the project over at Posen's soundcloud.

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