Thursday, June 4, 2015

Recording: New Fries


Songs: Jasz + Jz III

Recorded at Artscape Gibraltar Point ("EXVEE"), May 30, 2015.

New Fries - Jasz + Jz III

Celebrating fifteen years as a retreat and incubator for the arts, Artscape Gibraltar Point decided to throw itself a big party, a day of music and secular blessings. Rain early on kept the crowds away somewhat, but it turned into a fairly pleasant day, with music in the backyard tent going ahead from late afternoon to late at night.

With things falling behind schedule, this no wave quartet were forced to launch right into their set — no dirge-y antics from keyboard player Ryan Carley this time round. But he's definitely sounding more integrated into the band's sound, especially on an increasing amount of new material. Everything else — from vocalist Anni Spadafora's guitar lines on down — is still tap-dancing on that knife-edge of song and anti-song.

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