Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Recording: Ghostlight

Artist: Ghostlight

Song: The Lost Trail

Recorded at Handlebar ("Nite Comfort 22"), June 7, 2015.

Ghostlight - The Lost Trail

You might not have noticed, but Ghostlight are on a roll right now, revitalized and pumping out sounds'n'ideas at a commendable pace. After a period of relative quietude they have a lot to get out their system, and every show is coming with a whole new visual concept — and the past couple shows have doubled as the release party for an EP of the tunes they performed that night. This special presentation at Nite Comfort saw them bringing some Future Progress — containing sonic settings for Michael Baumgart's poetry on the musical side, while filling the bar with fog to craft a visual spectacle that can best be described, as, ah, ghost light. Wonderfully inventive, and a reminder that you don't need a huge budget to do something really creative.

[Nite Comfort is also on a roll, and their next couple shows stand to be pretty great events. Sunday, July 5th will being a night of dark ambient stylings from Northumbria and F A V X.]

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