Sunday, May 25, 2014

Recording: Thin Edge New Music Collective

Artist: Thin Edge New Music Collective

Song: Doors [composer: Liz Hysen]

Recorded at The Music Gallery ("Emergents IV"), May 15, 2014.

Thin Edge New Music Collective - Doors

Full review to follow. One of the themes that Nick Storring wanted to explore in curating this last instalment of the Music Gallery's fab Emergents series was opening up the idea of chamber music to those outside the normal narrow view of "composers". So for this set, Thin Edge played pieces by some great musicians — just not ones who are normally associated with formal, notated composition. Colin Fisher (of Not the Wind, Not The Flag), Matthew Ramolo (aka Khôra), Sean McCann and Araz Salek all managed to infuse their work with their own musical personalities, as does Liz Hysen in this piece. There are sections here that could come from a Picastro song — and then the door opens on a wider landscape. A very intriguing night.

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