Thursday, May 15, 2014

Recording: Keir Neuringer

Artist: Keir Neuringer

Song: Esperar Que*

Recorded at Oz Studios, April 27, 2014.

Keir Neuringer - Esperar Que

Full review to follow. We are breath. It gives us our life-force, our words, our songs. It passes our mysteries and our secrets from one frail human body to another. Where there's breath, there's life; and when breath fades...

Keir Neuringer's new album Ceremonies Out Of The Air is a tribute to his mother Esther, who died of lung cancer last year. Employing circular breathing techniques, the improvised music is continuous, pulsing with spirit. Live, Neuringer alternated the musical pieces with readings, creating a living monument to his mother's memory in an emotionally-intense and cathartic shared experience. "There is a metaphor: it was like breathing" — in theory this was abstract or experimental music (or call it what you will) but it's hard to think of anything more immediate and visceral and emotionally-engaging.

* This title is given at the outset. I have no Spanish, so do let me know if I've rendered it incorrectly.

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