Friday, May 9, 2014

Recording: Lee Paradise

Artist: Lee Paradise

Songs: Breaker + Non Helper

Recorded at The Silver Dollar Room, April 25, 2014.

Lee Paradise - Breaker

Lee Paradise - Non Helper

Full review to follow. As if his work in Hooded Fang and Phèdre (to say nothing of side-project dabblings in Hut and Tonkapuma) wasn't enough, Dan Lee has snuck out a solo album under the nom de guerre Lee Paradise. With the songs mostly based around simple, repeating basslines, there's some similarities to Dirty Beaches here, but this also brings a bit more of a hi-hat disco groove.

Eager to launch this to the world before heading off to tour the world with Phèdre, this was billed as a début — and possibly final — gig. With Lee seizing a chance for full-on frontman duties, the music came from a purpose-built band with members borrowed from Blonde Elvis and featuring HF guitarist Lane Halley providing some monster bass grooves. They had just the right balance of raw and rehearsed to give the set a vital feel, so I'm really hoping that we get another chance to hear these tunes from the stage.

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