Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Recording: PS I Love You

Artist: PS I Love You

Song: In My Mind

Recorded at Sonic Boom ("Record Store Day"), April 19, 2014.

PS I Love You - In My Mind

Full review to follow. As has become a springtime tradition, Sonic Boom turned Record Store Day into a day-long spectacle, with live bands providing entertainment to the crowded store all afternoon long. Say what you will about the corporatization of the event, it does get people out and gives the community a chance to gather together — just hanging around all day felt like a rock'n'roll reunion as I kept running into friends and acquaintances old and new.

Paul Saulnier gave some previews of what we might expect on the follow up to the band's Death Dreams album, and live the new stuff fits in nicely with the band's past work. Saulnier still isn't one to wear his heart of his sleeve, but the guitar solos are as expressive as ever.

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