Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Recording: DIANA

Artist: DIANA

Song: New House ["Dig Deep" version]

Recorded at The Drake Underground ("DIANA's Dig Deep"), May 8, 2014.

DIANA - New House ["Dig Deep" version]

Full review to follow. Though technically part of a local corporate music festival, DIANA didn't "showcase" themselves as potential widgets for the industry, instead engineering their two-night stand at The Drake into something artistically expansive. Pushing out from their established sound, the second night found them transforming their uptempo material into dancefloor-filling house anthems while the first veered radically in the other direction, adding some extra musicians to claw away at melodic flesh to find the underlying ambient skeletons. The band also called upon some of their old friends from the local scene, and thus hopefully a few people that were fooled into buying wristbands were exposed to the likes of Doc Dunn, Jen Castle and Bernice's Robin Dann (who convened an immersive, brain-tinglin' ASMR environment).

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