Thursday, May 22, 2014

Recording: Owen Pallett

Artist: Final Fantasy Owen Pallett

Songs: The Passions + The Riverbed

Recorded at The Danforth Music Hall, May 10, 2014.

Owen Pallett - The Passions

Owen Pallett - The Riverbed

Full review to follow. Weirdly enough, the last time I was at The Danforth was in August 2008 for a Final Fantasy gig. In the time since, the venue has been closed and re-opened, now with a seatless and slightly barren main floor, which actually feels far less claustrophobic than its previously overstuffed incarnation as a sit-down soft-seater.

One long album cycle later, Pallett is now solo in name, but part of a band on stage, joined by Rob Gordon and Matt "Prince Nifty" Smith (his former partners in Les Mouches). He did play a handful of songs solo, reaching back through his catalogue to acknowledge his old hometown crowd, but the meat of the set was the material from the brand new In Conflict.

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