Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Recording: Laura Swankey & Patrick O'Reilly

Artist: Laura Swankey & Patrick O'Reilly - [excerpt]

Song: [excerpt]

Recorded at Array Space (Audiopollination 66), December 8, 2018.

Laura Swankey & Patrick O'Reilly - [excerpt]

The third party to sign up for this set didn't make it, leaving more space for these frequent collaborators to explore interactions for voice, pedals and guitar.

You can also watch this full set on youtube:

[The next Audiopollination will be at Array Space on Sunday February 3rd. Laura Swankey will be performing as part of the supergroup Lender (along with Christine Duncan, Nilan Perera and D. Alex Meeks) at Mechanical Forest Sound's 10th Anniversary Celebration, Sunday, February 10th at Array. Patrick O'Reilly will be playing guitar in the Nick Arseneau Sextet, tonight (Tuesday, January 22nd) at the Tranzac.]

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