Thursday, January 3, 2019

Recording: Desert Island Re-Direct

Artist: Desert Island Re-Direct

Song: When Shall We Meet Again [excerpt, in two parts]

Recorded at at Array Space (Musicworks at 40), November 15, 2018.

Desert Island Re-Direct - When Shall We Meet Again [excerpt, part 1]

Desert Island Re-Direct - When Shall We Meet Again [excerpt, part 2]

Though celebrating its fortieth anniversary, Musicworks Magazine's resolute focus on the here-and-now means there's not much time for nostalgia. Given that, I was glad that I was able to cajole my way into a small part in making sure that the occasion didn't go unmarked. After co-hosting some talkin' history back in September, I also helped curate the music for this fundraising event alongside Nick Storring (whose Riparian Acoustics is currently presenting plenty imaginative sounds).

This closing duo of noteworthy listener/theoreticians John Oswald and Sandro Perri got together before their set and put a lot of thought into where they'd meet musically. Perri was inspired by Oswald's (admittedly egocentric) "desert island" list while Oswald bounced the idea of his anti-DJ "All-request re-direct" concept (where he'd play music he thought evocative of that requested by listeners) and the introduction and deconstruction of their chosen concept (someone get these two a podcast!) was almost as fun as the piece. That turned out to be an act of four-handed co-operative wind-up record-player operation with the pair never quite in total control of an old shellac side (possibly this one?) and some sundry contact microphones. Call it Plunderphonics at 78 R.P.M., perhaps — but hopefully someone will call these two to make some sounds together again.

[Sandro Perri will be back at Array Space, albeit in song mode, opening things up as Joseph Shabason — himself the subject of a recent Musicworks story — celebrates the release of his Anne album on Thursday, January 10th.]

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