Thursday, September 22, 2016

Recording: Soupcans

Artist: Soupcans

Songs: Fluorescent Orange + Wet Alien + Pleasure Overdose

Recorded at Soybomb (Intersection Festival – Day 1), September 2, 2016.

Soupcans - Fluorescent Orange

Soupcans - Wet Alien

Soupcans - Pleasure Overdose

The Intersection Festival has a habit of augmenting its free day of music in Dundas Square with a ticketed concert. Like last year, that entailed going "off-site" as part of the Music Gallery's Departures series. This show was perhaps a bit more of a departure than usual, bringing some chamber music to DIY/punk venue Soybomb — definitely an intersection between different sounds and different crowds.

Programming a night like this would often entail sticking the punk band at the end of the night, not smack-dab in-between the chamber ensemble and solo guitar sets. I like that this was in the middle of it all, avoiding the easy trajectory and forcing the audience to think about these sounds and how they collide with each other is a less abstract way. I will note, somewhat to my surprise, the older, more genteel "Music Gallery" crowd who looked somewhat out of their element seemed to be pretty cool with this — I mean, they've probably seen some punk action in their time — while the younger "Soybomb"-type crowd tended to melt away after this set was done. That might also have been, however, that some of them were hep to the rumours this was going to be the Soupies' last show. (A query to the band confirms "we may do one more studio session and record some of these songs for a posthumous release, but that was likely the last soupcans set for the foreseeable future.") A great way to go out, if true (two words though: reunion tour) playing a set crammed with new tunes on a night dedicated to new sonic adventures.

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