Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Recording: Doom Tickler

Artist: Doom Tickler

Song: Tendrils [variant]

Recorded at Array Space (Invocation Residency Series), August 26, 2016.

Doom Tickler - Tendrils [variant]

You can always tell when the bulk of a crowd hasn't previously seen Leslie Predie performing as Doom Tickler — there's a somewhat tentative reaction at first as the barking/grunting/mewling loops of her vocals burst over the audience, and it usually takes a couple song-breaks before the applause starts. Even the gunshot percussion that launches this one seemed to cow the crowd at this gig a little further, but by the end of the set there was an enthusiastic response. A nicely-programmed companion to Arrington de Dionyso's grunt-y throat singing in the headlining set, too.

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