Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Recording: Gennaro-Hundevad-Fisher

Artist: Mike Gennaro/Mark Hundevad/Colin Fisher

Songs: [three excerpts]

Recorded at Array Space, August 30, 2016.

Gennaro-Hundevad-Fisher - [excerpt 3]

Gennaro-Hundevad-Fisher - [excerpt 1]

Gennaro-Hundevad-Fisher - [excerpt 2]

Epic improvisations from this trio of heavy hitters, matching drummer Mike Gennaro with Mark Hundevad, another top-notch percussionist who came to this set ready to play the piano but ended up pulling out Array's vibes and marimba as well. Hundevad turned out to be no mean mallet player, leaning and twisting as his sticks became just as much of a blur as Gennaro's. Colin Fisher, meanwhile, brought a trio of saxophones to face off with the pair — from the get-go, one got the impression that they might blast away until someone had to stop due to exhaustion. Just as life is lived forwards and understood backwards, the quiet meditation from near the hour's end is perhaps the best entry here, before working back to a couple samples of the more frenzied interplay.

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