Thursday, September 8, 2016

Recording: Guerilla Toss

Artist: Guerilla Toss

Songs: two unknown songs*

Recorded at Artscape Gibraltar Point (Camp Wavelength), August 20, 2016.

Guerilla Toss - unknown 1

Guerilla Toss - unknown 2

Following and expanding on the template of last year's successful festival, Wavelength returned to the island with a meticulously-executed event that included an exciting range of music and a beach full of art beside festival headliner Lake Ontario. It also managed to be a stress-reducing rather than a stress-inducing time — rather like a weekend at the cottage, even if the city was just out of view. After the rock'n'roll headliner, there was the equivalent of a whole 'nother show in a quartet of late night sets for festival campers or anyone willing to stay late for the specially-chartered late-night ferry. (Once again, that service went off without a hitch, which by now has mostly obviated my grim memories of some of the awkward early attempts that had been made at such an offering.)

The last time I saw Guerilla Toss, they were trying to make some lemonade at a gig with a less-than-ideal vibe. No worries about that here — the late night, slightly-staggery island vibe seemed right up their alley. Working the lurching territory where grooves can suddenly inside-out themselves into anti-grooves, there were a few tunes in their set that had enough stuff going on for two or three songs at once, making tough work for ears that had heard a dozen bands already through the course of the day. After a long suite of songs to start their set, the band looked quite prepared to follow-up on their offer to play until sunrise — I was heading for the last ferry to the mainland while they were still going strong.

* Does anyone know the title to these ones? Please leave a comment!

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