Friday, November 7, 2014

Recording: Will Kidman

Artist: Will Kidman

Song: Our Love Will Still be There [The Troggs cover]

Recorded at Christie Pits Park ("Bloor Ossington Folk Festival"), September 20, 2014.

Will Kidman - Our Love Will Still be There

Once again, the Bloor Ossington Folk Festival stayed true to its roots as a low-key and local celebration. By enfolding itself into the contours of Christie Pits, BOFF still feels casual and approachable, even with some heavy hitters in its lineup. As so often happens at outdoor events, weather forced organizers to make some adjustments on the fly, but even having to move the headliners into the beer tent served to reinforce the intimate vibes. There's room to grow, but overall the organizers are getting things right.

Constantines keyboardist Kidman is less prolific with his solo material than he was in his Woolly Leaves days, so it was a rare pleasure to see him in the hillside bowl of the side stage, singing quietly and generating some gentle good vibes.

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